Sunset Metal

Your “Trustable and Reliable Long Term Partner” when it comes to Steel Trading.

Sunset Metal was first established in 1994 at Istanbul, Turkey as “Sunset Ltd” as a real estate company who’s main field of activity was to sell the homes and apartments already belonged to the family. Later on company closed other sectors and concentrated only on Steel Trading and changed its name to Sunset Metal.

With an experience of more than 14 years in Steel Sector in 2012, Sunset Metal is your reliable and trustable partner for your all steel needs.

Sunset Metal is involved in Trading and Marketing of various Turkish Origin steel products, such as:

We provide complete turnkey goods and services to our clients all over the world mainly to Europe, Africa, U.S.A. and Mid. East.

Sunset Metal is currently exporting around 36.000-40.000 tons/year of Steel Products out of Turkey.

We offer:

  • Many types of steel products freshly produced as well as material from stock for quick shipment when requested.
  • Sharing our knowledge and experience with our buyers (customers) and lead them on deciding when to buy or not, in other words let our buyers know when is the RIGHT time to buy.
  • Very competitive pricing based on very good business relations with Suppliers as well as Raw Material Suppliers.
  • Competitive and very efficient logistics (Shipment) solutions from when the material leaves the producer’s factory until it reaches customers warehouse.
  • Our good relations to avoid the Language and Cultural barriers between the Seller and the Buyer.
  • Following up of the order from the start until it is shipped to the customer.
  • Inspecting each order physically for “quality and quantity” during the production period, before shipment and while loading for transport shipping.
  • Controls and certificates about the order and certify that “Order has been produced according to the Sales Contract and Suitable for Export Shipment”
  • Reliable and effective problem/claim solving.


How we can work together

  • We can sell directly to our clients
  • We act as the agency of our clients and clients buy directly from the suppliers.


SUNSET METAL is your correct, efficient and long term partner for your all steels needs in a “Head Ache FREE” manner as we say it in Turkish Language…….