Shipping By Vessel : Break Bulk

Vessel Loading by Sunset Metal

Vessel Loading by Sunset Metal

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Sunset Metal ships 95% of the orders in bulk by vessels. Shipping in Bulk Vessel is the easiest , best and cheapest method to ship STEEL PRODUCTS nowadays , we only work with Turkey’s most reliable shipping companies to avoid any problems replica audemars piguet may arise during shipping period.

The vessels can be in their destination in so many days after sailing off from Turkey Ports.

Greek Ports : The Next Day

Italian Ports : 3 Days after sailing

Spanish Ports ( Mediterranean Ports) 6 Days after sailing

Portugal, Aveiro : 8 Days after sailing

Spanish Ports ( Atlantic Ocean ) 10 Days after sailing

Antwerp , Hamburg: 14-15 Days after loading

UK Ports : 14 Days after loading

Ireland Ports such as Waterford, Wicklow (16-17 Days)

U.S.A Houston : 21 Days